LCRC Says Leesburg "Deserves Better" Than Marty Martinez

October 23, 2014

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Martinez missed, attended late, or left early 26 percent of meetings of the Leesburg Town Council since 2009, Leesburg Today reports

LCRC says Leesburg deserves better representation

Leesburg Town Councilmember Fernando "Marty" Martinez was absent from about 26% of work session and regular business meetings of the Town Council since 2009, according to a report published on Wednesday by the Leesburg Today.

"Martinez's 14 absences for regular sessions tops absences of all other Council members since 2009," wrote Leesburg Today reporter Mike Stancik. Councilmember Martinez has been endorsed by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee.

In response to the Leesburg Today's reporting, Loudoun County Republican Committee Chairman Mike Haynes said, "It's disappointing that Leesburg Councilmember Martinez doesn't prioritize his duties as a Councilmember. I understand if he has other commitments. Many of us are very busy. But people who are too busy to fulfill the responsibilities of office should not be urging voters to re-elect them. The residents of Leesburg deserve better representation, from someone who has the time to fully understand the issues. The residents of Leesburg deserve a councilmember who will represent the citizens of Leesburg at all meetings. This is why the LCRC is proud to have endorsed Dwight Dopilka, Suzanne Fox, and Jeffrey Phillips in their bids to bring new energy and a fresh perspective to the Leesburg Town Council."

LCRC Communications Chairman Ryan Rogge, a Leesburg resident, noted that Martinez, along with
the rest of Town Council, voted to double their pay last year from $8,000 to $16,000. "I ask my fellow residents here in Leesburg to take a long, hard look at whether Mr. Martinez should be re-elected, or whether it's time for a change."

LCRC Issues Committee Chairman Will Estrada, also a Leesburg resident, pointed out that one of
Councilmember Martinez' absences resulted in the absence of a quorum, which meant that the work session could not be held. For a council work session or meeting to take place, there needs to be a quorum of three of more present. "On this meeting date in September 2011, the work session could not be held due to insufficient quorum. The last time this happened was in 2002," Estrada said.

"I do not believe there is any other sitting elected official in Loudoun County who has missed as many official meetings of a governing body as Councilmember Martinez has," Rogge concluded. "This shows that he is not fit for a fourth term in the Leesburg Town Council, and that Leesburg voters should elect new faces who are interested in showing up and participating in the business of our town's government."

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Authorized by the Loudoun County Republican Committee

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