Statement in Response to Foust Attack on Comstock

August 23, 2014

At an event yesterday in Leesburg, John Foust, Democratic candidate for Virginia's 10th Congressional District, attacked his opponent, Delegate Barbara Comstock, saying:

"I don't think she's even had a real job." (8/21, Ashburn Rising)

As Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee I am deeply disappointed and offended by John Foust's comment that Republican 10th district candidate Barbara Comstock has never held a "real job." Mr. Foust's statement and lack or response shows that he is out of touch with women in the district he wants to represent. The LRCR Vice Chair Kristin Kalina expressed her thoughts on Foust's statement:

"As a wife, mother, and a working professional myself, I am insulted by John Foust's characterization of Barbara Comstock as not ever having a 'real job.' Its sad that Democrats, like Foust, continue to berate women who try to balance the responsibilities of motherhood with the financial needs of the family and their own personal and professional goals. I'd like to ask Mr. Foust: 'what exactly is a real job?'"

We at the LCRC affirm all women-working women, stay at home moms, and working mothers of Loudon County that their work is real and valued. We are proud to have a candidate like Barbara who understands the challenges of balancing work and family and we know that she will do an excellent job representing the 10th district of Virginia.

-- Mike Haynes, LCRC Chairman

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