Proposed Amendment to the LCRC Plan of Organization

June 30, 2014

The following is the amendment proposed at the June 30, 2014 meeting of the LCRC. The amendment will be voted on at the next LCRC meeting, tentatively scheduled for July 28.

Amendment to the LCRC Plan of Organization

Article Three, Section A will be amended to insert the following text after paragraph 4:

5. Associate Membership: Any person who meets the qualifications for membership in the Committee under Article 1, Section 1 who is approved by the Membership Committee and who pays the required dues and otherwise complies with the State Party Plan, may become an Associate Member of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. An Associate Member shall be removed from the roll by failure to pay membership dues or as otherwise specified by the Party Bylaws. Associate Members shall receive notice of the Committee meetings and are invited to attend. Associate Members shall be non-voting, shall not count toward quorum, and attendance policy shall not apply. Dues shall be set at 50% of the amount established for Precinct Seat Committee Members.

Current paragraph 5 will now become paragraph 6.

Furthermore, Article III, Section A, paragraph 5 (which shall now be paragraph 6) shall be amended as follows:

6. Eligibility - To remain eligible for membership on the County Committee, members (either Chairman, Precinct Seats, At-large, Public Officials, or Associate Members) shall not support any candidate opposing a nominee of the Loudoun County Republican Party or the Republican Party of Virginia or the Republican National Committee. The activities listed below are grounds for removal from the County Committee provided that the member is dismissed according to the process outlined in Article III, Section C, paragraph 8:

a. Contributing funds of any amount;

b. Displaying or distributing literature;

d. Giving speeches on behalf of said person; or

e. Working on another candidate's campaign committee;

f. Permitting another candidate to list the LCRC member as a supporter;

g. Publicly endorsing another candidate;

h. Engaging in any other activity designed to support another candidate; or

i. Participating in another Party's caucus, canvass, convention, or primary.

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