Chairman Sell Congratulates Republican Victors in 2013 Elections

November 6, 2013

Loudoun County Republican Committee Chairman Mark Sell released the following statement:

"I want to congratulate all of Loudoun's candidates for Delegate who won hard-fought contests on Tuesday, including Barbara Comstock, Tag Greason, David LaRock, Jim LeMunyon, Randy Minchew, David Ramadan and Tom Rust.

"We are hopeful as well for an ultimate victory after a strong showing by Mark Obenshain in the Attorney General's race.

"While we are disappointed that our candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor went down to narrow defeat, we are proud in particular of Ken Cuccinelli's extraordinary effort to narrow the margin of defeat against overwhelming odds, especially the vicious onslaught of false attack ads funded by powerful out-of-state special interests. Republicans have learned some difficult lessons in this election and are determined to come out fighting next year against the tactics used against us in 2013 by continuing to forward a positive program aimed at a better future for all Virginians.

"No matter the election results at the top of the ticket, we Republicans will continue to stand behind our elected officials and to fight for the principles of smaller and smarter government, lower taxes, job creation, education reform and Virginia Values on which all our candidates ran."

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