Expanding Energy Production to Create Jobs, & Help Pay for Better Roads & Bridges

February 6, 2012
Speaker Boehner's Press Office

In the coming weeks the House will vote on the American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act (H.R.7), a pro-growth bill that removes barriers to new American energy production to create more than a million new jobs, and cuts red tape to speed up improvements to our roads and bridges (without the earmarks, wasteful spending, and taxpayer bailouts of the past)

Click here to see how the pro-growth American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act&

  • Removes barriers to job growth by approving the Keystone pipeline rejected by President Obama, lifting the president's offshore drilling ban, opening a small portion of ANWR, and more;
  • Eliminates wasteful spending and earmarks, eliminates nearly 70 duplicative federal transportation programs, and ensures taxpayer dollars are spent on highways - not 'beautification' projects and other non-highway activities;
  • Cuts the permitting time in half by speeding up bureaucratic approvals, and delegates more decision-making authority to where it belongs: individual states, not Washington; and more.

Learn more at Speaker.gov/Energy. And while you're there, check out some of the other legislation passed by the House this past week, including: a bill to repeal another provision of the president's health care law that's making it harder for small businesses to hire new workers; reforms that end the 'baseline' budget bias toward big government spending; and a freeze on salaries for Members of Congress, staff, and federal employees for another year.

And while the House is still waiting for the Democratic-controlled Senate to present a plan for extending the payroll tax break for a full-year (note: the House already passed its bill in December), Republican leaders are moving forward with an aggressive schedule full of new jobs bills over the next few months, complementing the nearly 30 jobs bills still awaiting a vote by Senate Democrats.

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