Unified Loudoun GOP Celebrates Historic Election Victory

November 9, 2011

Mix of Proven Veterans and Exciting Newcomers Retakes Board of Supervisors,
Captures Key Assembly Races as Republicans Regain Majority in State Senate

Message of Excellence in Managing Government and Creating Jobs
Takes Hold with Voters in Bellwether County, Setting Stage for 2012

Mark Sell, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee, issued the following statement this morning:

"A unified Republican Party - and the voters of Loudoun County - are celebrating a historic victory last night with our sweep of the Board of Supervisors and breakthrough victories in key local assembly races, including victories in the new 13th State Senate and 10th and 87th House of Delegates districts.

"As our narrative of excellence in managing government and job creation took hold, the people of this bellwether county have put four years of Democratic misrule behind them, contributed mightily to our Party's recapturing of the State Senate and sent a loud, clear message that will reverberate into 2012.

"With our mix of trusted, proven veterans including Dick Black, Jill Vogel, Joe May, Jim LeMunyon, Tom Rust, Tag Greason, Barbara Comstock, Scott York, Eugene Delgaudio, Ken Reid, Geary Higgins, Bob Wertz, Roger Zurn, Gary Clemens, Jim Plowman, and Tom Reed, joined by serious, highly professional newcomers to political office such as Randy Minchew, David Ramadan, Mike Chapman, Ralph Buona, Suzanne Volpe, Matt Letourneau, Janet Clarke, Shawn Williams, Debbie Rose, Jill Turgeon, Kevin Kuesters, Jeff Morse, and Bill Fox, Republicans are ready to show that government really is about providing great, cost-effective, value-driven service that improves people's everyday lives and makes our County the best place to live in America.

"Our candidates' track record of success in government and the private sector - combined with their message of smaller, better government for these turbulent times and the continued, extraordinary efforts of an army of dedicated Loudoun County Republican Committee volunteers - have carried the day and set the stage for more victories in the House, Senate and presidential races next year. We have demonstrated once again that a unified Loudoun County Republican Committee - working together to advance our Party's timeless principles - is an unbeatable force."

Republican victories in Loudoun County in the 2011 cycle include:


  • District 13 - Dick Black
  • District 27 - Jill Vogel


  • District 10 - Randy Minchew
  • District 32 - Tag Greason
  • District 33 - Joe May
  • District 34 - Barbara Comstock
  • District 67 - Jim LeMunyon
  • District 86 - Tom Rust
  • District 87 - David Ramadan


  • Commissioner of the Revenue - Bob Wertz
  • Commonwealth's Attorney - Jim Plowman
  • Sheriff - Mike Chapman
  • Treasurer - Roger Zurn


  • Chairman - Scott York
  • Algonkian District - Suzanne Volpe
  • Ashburn District - Ralph Buona
  • Blue Ridge District - Janet Clarke
  • Broad Run District - Shawn Williams
  • Catoctin District - Geary Higgins
  • Dulles District - Matt Letourneau
  • Leesburg District - Ken Reid
  • Sterling District - Eugene Delgaudio

*School Board is a non-partisan office; however, candidates may seek political endorsements.

  • At-Large - Tom Reed
  • Algonkian District - Debbie Rose
  • Blue Ridge District - Jill Turgeon
  • Broad Run District - Kevin Kuesters
  • Dulles District - Jeff Morse
  • Leesburg District - Bill Fox

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