Republicans Bring Energy to Leesburg Parade

November 1, 2011

October 31, 2011


Contact: Mark Sell /


Leesburg, VA - Loudoun Republicans showed up for the Leesburg parade with over 100 volunteers and a dozen and a half vehicles. Republican candidates greeted voters and passed out hundreds of pounds of candy to eager children and their families.

GOP candidates including Dick Black, Scott York, Randy Minchew, Mike Chapman, Patricia Phillips, Joe May, David Ramadan, Jim Plowman, Bob Wertz, Janet Clarke, Geary Higgins, Ken Reid, Tom Reed, and Bill Fox joined local GOP volunteers to celebrate liberty and offer generous loads of treats to cheering Leesburg children.

The Republican parade line-up included Tom Reed outfitted as "Uncle Sam" and a strong showing of enthusiastic volunteers supporting every candidate. GOP candidates and volunteers were warmly welcomed by voters along the historic Leesburg parade route.

Chairman Mark Sell noted:
"Our candidates and volunteers are committed to the core conservative principles that foster job creation, economic prosperity and personal liberty. In Leesburg and Richmond, our Republican candidates are ready to fight unnecessary tax increases and unreasonable regulations to promote growth and opportunity for hard-working Loudoun voters. I am confident that these principles resonate with our neighbors across the county and I look forward to Republican victories from the State Senate and House to the Board of Supervisors and the School Board next Tuesday."


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