Congratulations to our Primary Winners - Onward to Victory in November!

August 24, 2011

Results for Our Republican Primaries

Tuesday, August 23 2011

The LCRC congratulates the winners of the Loudoun Republican primary races. The number of Republican candidates seeking to serve the community is a testimony to the energy and vibrancy of the party here in Loudoun. It is also indicative if the support for our conservative principles among the residents of Loudoun and the country as a whole.

Be sure to thank all the candidates who ran (Jo-Ann Chase, John Whitbeck, Cara Townsend, John Stirrup, and Bob Fitzsimmonds) for their service to the party and desire to serve their community.

The winners of the races are listed below.

State Senate District 13

Dick Black

State House District 10

Randy Minchew

State House District 87

David Ramadan

Onward to victory in November!

All Loudoun Republican candidates with links to their websites here.

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