Loudoun County Republican Convention - Nominees Selected, Onward to Victory in November!

July 23, 2011

On Saturday, July 23, the Loudoun County Republicans held our nominating convention to select candidates for county offices up for election in November. Chosen were:

Board of Supervisors

  • Chairman - Scott York
  • Algonkian District - Suzanne Volpe
  • Ashburn District - Ralph Buona
  • Blue Ridge District - Janet Clarke
  • Broad Run District - Shawn Williams
  • Catoctin District - Geary Higgins
  • Dulles District - Matt Letourneau
  • Leesburg District - Ken Reid
  • Sterling District - Eugene Delgaudio

Constitutional Officers

  • Commissioner of the Revenue - Bob Wertz
  • Sheriff - Mike Chapman
  • Treasurer - Roger Zurn

Thank you to our convention officers and committee chairs for their hard work in ensuring a smooth, effecient convention.

Convention Officers

  • Chairman - Mark Sell
  • Secretary - Margie Wallo
  • Parliamentarian - Barbara Krajewski
  • Sergeants at Arms - Dean Settle, Scott Cypher, and Tom Potter

Convention Committee Chairs

  • Arrangements - Robert Bruton
  • Credentials- Eve Gleason
  • Tellers - Brandi Brookhouse
  • Nominations- Robert Follett
  • Resolutions- Ryan Gleason
  • Rules- Barbara Krajewski

On Saturday, July 23, Loudoun County Republicans held a convention to choose our nominees for local offices up for election in November. With 961 delegates in attendance, Scott York was chosen as the nominee for Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and Mike Chapman won the nomination for Sheriff. Congratulations to these candidates!

I also want to thank their opponents, Steve Stockman and Ron Speakman, for their desire to serve the community and for making the sacrifice to run for public office.

My sincere thanks to all those who helped in making the convention a success! It could not have happened without the dedicated work of our convention committees and many volunteers. Special thanks to Robert Bruton, Convention Arrangements Committee Chairman, for his tireless work over the last month.

I am also grateful to all Loudoun Republicans who took time out of their busy day to come on a hot and humid Saturday and participate in the important business of choosing our nominees for office. Your participation shows your dedication to our great Party and your interest in our future representation in Loudoun County. Without your dedication and interest, we could not continue to advance our Republican values and principles. Along with all our candidates, I sincerely thank you for your active involvement.

We now have our full slate of candidates for local offices, listed below. Please remember that there is a Primary on August 23 in State House District 10, State House District 87, and State Senate District 13 to choose our nominees for those offices. You may visit this website to identify your district. Candidates seeking the Republican nomination for these offices may be found at here.

For Liberty,
Mark Sell
Loudoun County Republican Committee

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