Congressman Wolf Reelected

November 3, 2010

Leesburg, VA - Virginia Republicans celebrate tonight as Congressman Frank Wolf sweeps to Victory with over 66% of the vote. This marks Congressman Wolf's 16th term making him the longest consecutive serving member in Virginia history.

For nearly 30 years, Congressman Wolf has fought to meet the needs of our growing community; tackling tough issues on transportation, safety, and fiscal policy.

Chairman Sell, on behalf of Loudoun County Republicans said, "The American people are looking for results, not promises. Tax and spend government has failed and the Obama administration continues to drive our country deeper into debt. Virginia voters recognize that Congressman Wolf and the Republican Party have the leadership to create solutions, deliver job growth and reestablish America as the center of innovation and prosperity."

Republican leaders across the nation are answering the call for tax stability, safe neighborhoods, and improved quality of life. Republicans resolve to practice the fiscal restraint sorely missing in Washington today. Congressman Wolf's victory is a testament to his strong leadership and commitment to the nation. It delivers a message that Americans want results that work and they want strong Republican leaders.

Congressman Wolf continues to work with Governor Bob McDonnell to stabilize and stimulate Virginia's economy while addressing the economic consequences of a stagnant national economy. With the landslide election of Governor Bob McDonnell in 2009 and Congressman Wolf's reelection victory today, Virginia Republicans have set the tone to put the country back on a winning course. Tonight's victory marks the beginning of a national trend that will result in the American people taking back the White House. Virginia is a leading state in the change that will occur in 2012.

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