Loudoun Times Mirror Endorses Frank Wolf for Congress

October 27, 2010

Congressman Frank Wolf has a proven track record that appeals to the majority of residents in this county. Wolf has shown that he cares and fights for the issues the Loudouners are the most concerned with. The editors of the Loudoun Times Mirror recognize that fact.

Frank Wolf for Congress
Loudoun Times Mirror

The focus of the 2010 election has been change. The Tea Party has been the hottest topic this year, and there has been a general malaise with a government regarded by many as spendthrift, and the slow pace of economic recovery.

But many voters are demanding change without looking too closely at what that change might entail.

By endorsing Frank Wolf for the 10th District congressional seat, we are reminding our readers that sometimes there is a benefit to staying the course. Wolf has been criticized (including on this page) for running his campaign using an old playbook. However, it deserves mentioning that it's a playbook developed over 30 years and one tailored successfully for this district. It's also one that never lost an election for Wolf.

No one was talking about Lyme disease on Capitol Hill until Wolf responded to his constituents by pushing for further research. No one was talking about gangs before Wolf coordinated the Regional Gang Task Force that today serves as a model for the country. In this latest term, Wolf was the first public official to caution about human trafficking in Northern Virginia - even before the string of massage parlor closures.

Wolf continues to push for fiscal reform and restraint on spending. If his Safe Commission proposal seems like old news, it's because Wolf has been pushing for this bipartisan commission even before current debt and deficit numbers became as abysmally stratospheric they are today.

His steadfast focus on counterterrorism, the establishment of an Iraq Study Group, and a reformed FBI will serve the cause of freedom far into the future.

If traffic remains the No. 1 problem in Northern Virginia, it could have been a lot worse without Wolf's presence on the Hill. Wolf has championed rail to Dulles, Route 7 traffic-light synchronization and numerous other targeted projects. ...

His opposition to the onerous health care bill, the cap and trade emissions bill, and higher taxes intends to protect small business in the interest of job growth and economic revitalization.

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