Congressman Frank Wolf Keynote Speaker at Pancake Breakfast

October 2, 2010

Cascades Senior Center
Sterling, Virginia

"An American Moment . . . United We Stand."

This morning's pancake breakfast, themed, "An American Moment . . . United We Stand," was a huge success! With a packed room of nearly 200 eager activists ready to surge forth to victory this November and beyond, the enthusiastic crowd ate a hearty meal of pancakes, sausage, and cantaloupe and listened to keynote speaker Congressman Frank Wolf as well as Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates William Howell.

Chairman Mark Sell kicked off the proceedings with a speech in which he reminded us of the importance of the Constitution in lawmaking. "There are copies at every place set for you to take," he said. "You may want to give it to a Democrat, however, as they don't seem to have read it recently."

Candace Strother, Finance Chairman, emceed the program and told the crowd, "We chose the theme for this event because the 2010 elections are a unique and important moment for America. Because of the challenges that are facing the country, united we must stand on the common sense conservative, constitutional principals that founded this country and made her great."

Keynote speaker Congressman Frank Wolf's address was about America and our place in the world. "The 20th century was the American Century," he said. "Will the 21st be the American Century as well? We must make sure it is." The Obama Administration and the Democrats are saddling us with large amounts of debt, most of which is held by China. This debt is a burden which will hinder our future.

Wolf told the story of his visit to Philadelphia and Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed. He spoke of George Washington's chair there, which had an engraving of a sun on it. Benjamin Franklin reflected on it often saying "I have often looked at that (sun) behind the president without being able to tell whether it was rising or setting. But now I... know that it is a rising...sun."

It is our job, Wolf said, to ensure that the American sun continues to rise.

The event also included a message from the Governor and highlighted Republican accomplishments in Richmond since Governor McDonnell took office.

Former LCRC Chairman Randy Minchew and recently appointed Deputy Counselor and Advisor to the Governor, read a letter from Governor Bob McDonnell saying "I regret that I am unable to be there with you in person at the Cascades Senior Center to thank you for your great work, constant enthusiasm, and dedication to the values and principles that make our nation, our commonwealth, and our party great. You could not find two finer Virginians than Frank Wolf and Bill Howell to stand with you in Sterling Saturday morning; both are truly gifted leaders who are blessed with clear visions, solid core values, and exemplary work ethics. "

Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates William Howell came up from Fredericksburg to be with our group and discussed the importance of having a Republican controlled House so that Governor McDonnell's fiscally conservative policies can get passed. He talked about the success that they've had controlling costs and balancing the budget.

Delegate Tag Greason also commented on the state budget, and the imperative of fiscal responsibility. "It's easy to say 'no' to requests for money when we don't have any to spend," he said. "The true test will be a few years down the road when we have a surplus. We need to be disciplined then and say 'no' to unnecessary requests."

State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel and Delegate Barbara Comstock, were highlighted as the only two Republican women from Northern Virginia represented in the General Assembly. They addressed the crowd and spoke about their leadership in Richmond and accomplishments the General Assembly has had under Governor McDonnell. Delegate Comstock said," in Richmond we decided to do the opposite of what Washington is doing. They are spending money and creating deficits, we are cutting spending and creating a surplus."

Other Republican notables present included Delegates Joe May, Tom Rust, Bob Marshall, and Jim LeMunyon, Loudoun Board of Supervisors Chairman Scott York, Supervisors Eugene Delgaudio and Lori Waters, Loudoun Constitutional Officers Treasurer Roger Zurn, Commissioner of the Revenue Bob Wertz, Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman, Clerk of the Court Gary Clemens, and 10th District Chairman Howie Lind. Former Delegate Dick Black was there. Other elected officials present were Purcellville Mayor Bob Lazaro and Leesburg Town Councilman Ken Reid. Tina Maistros McArthur, Director of Operations at Republican Party of Virginia, was there. Tina is the daughter of Bob Maistros and runs the Jennifer Byler Institute. In attendance also were prominent Loudoun business leaders including Ralph Buona, Chairman of the Loudoun Chamber of Commerce and Kitty Saylor, CEO of REHAU.

As special guests we also had a delegation of Germans from the European Parliament who were visiting America to experience the flavor of our elections. They were members of the German Christian Democrat Party, their center-right party.

In addition, we had more than 15 teenagers from several High School Republican clubs getting their political feet wet by volunteering to help with the event. The group also led the entire crowd in the Pledge of Allegiance at the start of the program.

The event was organized by LCRC Finance Chair Candace Strother, who assembled a stellar team which did a superb job of putting the event together. The event was catered by Republican activist Kim Graham.

Keynote Speaker Frank Wolf
Keynote Speaker Frank Wolf

German Christian Democrat Party members of the European Parliament

Delegate Barbara Comstock and Congressman Frank Wolf visit with the German Delegates

Commissioner of the Revenue Bob Wertz, Delegate Joe May, Commonwealth's Attorney Jim Plowman, and Delegate Tag Greason.

Supervisor Lori Waters (pink blouse) helps her daughter cut her sausage as the other activists enjoy their breakfast.

Delegate Tom Rust, former Delegate Dick Black, and Delegate Bob Marshall

LCRC Chairman Mark Sell addresses the assembled activists.

Thank you to everyone who attended for making this such a stellar event, and a great kickoff to the final 30 days of this campaign.

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