House Minority Leader John Boehner Visits Sterling

September 23, 2010

Sterling, VA -- Loudoun County Republicans will welcome John Boehner and House Republican leadership to Sterling, Virginia at 8:30AM Thursday, September 23rd. GOP leadership plans to unveil a new governing agenda at the Tart Lumber Company in response to months of listening to Americans speaking out about their priorities. Republicans have solutions that will shrink the deficit, create jobs, bring relief to struggling families and reduce spending.

When President Obama was elected, he promised "change we can believe in" but he didn't tell us what kind of change to expect. Mark Sell, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee notes: "everywhere I go, people in Loudoun feel like they've been tricked. Our county voted for Obama by a margin of 18 points and then elected Republican Governor McDonnell points the very next year by a margin of 22 points as a referendum on Obama's tax and spend administration. The change President Obama has delivered is not the kind of change my friends and neighbors wanted."

Since Obama has taken office our unemployment rate has skyrocketed from 4.6% to 9.6%. The federal deficit has ballooned by over 350%. The United States now pays $400B per year in interest alone to service our National Debt. Roger Zurn, Loudoun County Treasurer and senior elected Republican asks: "Loudoun County commercial tax revenues are falling as a result of the recession. The administration's policies are growing government and growing debt but they are not growing our economy. Do we need more of this sort of change?"

In the last 18 months, the Democratic majority in the House, the Senate and the Oval Office have brought radical change to Washington with a series of bailouts, stimulus packages, nationalizing the automotive and banking industries and passing a massive Health care mandate. Their agenda for the future includes Cap and Trade, more bailouts, taxes and spending and no plan for reducing our national debt.

The common-sense Republican agenda unveiled on Thursday will focus on jobs here in America, reductions in Federal spending, health care solutions, and reforming Congress and Washington.

Mark Sell added, "This is the kind of change that job creators in Loudoun County need."

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