Loudoun Board of Supervisors Tables Bay Act

September 21, 2010

It would have been better had they killed the Act and started over from scratch, but at least they didn't pass it. The more people find out about the Act and how it works the more the opposition to it grows.

Over 80 people turned out the evening of Monday Sept 20 to speak to the Board about the Act during their public input session. By my count 66 were against it, and only 25 for. This mirrored the public "community meetings" that several supervisors held over the past month, where citizen opposition was overwhelming.

On Tuesday, Sept 21, the Board voted to send it back to their Land Use Committee for "further review." Additional stakeholders will be invited to provide their input.

Thank you to LCRC Chairman Mark Sell for reading our resolution opposing the Act to the Supervisors for the public record on Monday. Many other prominent Republicans added their voices in opposition to the mass of average citizens who turned out.

A big Thank You also to our two Republican Supervisors, Eugene Delgaudio (Sterling) and Lori Waters (Broad Run) for their efforts in opposing the Act and in informing and educating the public.

This said, a lot of work remains to be done, as we simply enter a new phase of the process. We are not out of the woods yet on this issue. Further information on the Act and as it comes before the Land Use subcommittee will be forthcoming.

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