It's a Great Day! Thank You!

November 3, 2021

Our fellow Virginians have clearly had enough, and they elected all three of our statewide candidates to office - Glenn Youngkin, Winsome Sears, and Jason Miyares!

Preliminary results also show that we have retaken control of the House of Delegates in Virginia, which will again include Delegate Dave LaRock!

Well done also to winners in our Town races, like Erin Rayner, newly elected to the Purcellville Town Council!

Congratulations! It's morning again in our Commonwealth!

And Loudoun County, you showed up! Thank you!

Based upon preliminary results, Glenn Youngkin got ~86% of the votes that President Trump did in Loudoun County last year whereas McAuliffe could only capture ~63% of the votes for President Biden.

Compared to 2017, Governor-Elect Youngkin received about the same number of votes in Loudoun as Governor Northam and ~25k more votes than Ed Gillespie.

Even if our statewide candidates didn't win Loudoun, we had remarkable improvement and it gave the rest of the Commonwealth a fighting chance!

Now for the thank you notes!

    • Our House of Delegates Candidates did a fantastic job this year - most had never run for office before! They engaged with the voters, shared ideas with their districts, worked together, and kept the Democrats busy. Nick Clemente, Scott Pio, Delegate LaRock, Gary Pan, Bob Frizzelle, Julie Perry, and Greg Moulthrop - you are heroes in our book!
    • Our Party - RPV, the 10th Congressional District Republicans (Geary Higgins and Stacy Carey in particular), and the LCRC leadership - it takes a lot of organization to convert enthusiasm and engagement into voting, to plan for and respond to game-day (or game-45 day) challenges, to coordinate and take care of volunteers, to work with the Elections Office, etc. The Party is the continuous link - election after election, candidate after candidate, the consistent base of volunteers is the reliable engine that gets it done.

More thank you notes to Cathy McNickle, Creal French/District Chairs and their Precinct Ops Teams, Shelley Oberlander and her Election Integrity Work Group Team, Patricia Phillips and her Candidate Support Team, Jeanette Fox and her Special Events Team, and MORE - are forthcoming!

  • School issue advocates - a key contributor to our improvement here in Loudoun is the citizen engagement around our schools! A special thanks to Ian Prior and Fight For Schools, Loudoun County Republican Women's Club members and their President, Patti Menders, P.A.C.T. and other groups and leaders in this movement, and the hundreds of pissed off parents and citizens who spoke at meetings and on panels, attended rallies, and overall garnered news coverage that highlighted our concerns and the need for change. We are certainly sorry that the sad state of affairs created this need but we are glad that Loudouners (and Virginians) are realizing it and waking up!
  • Our volunteers - without you, it wouldn't happen! You campaigned, you greeted voters, you poll-watched, you hosted, you drove people to the polls, you fundraised, you created a welcoming environment for others, you organized, you came early, you stayed late. Thank you, thank you!
  • The Elections Team - The Loudoun County Elections Office and the LCRC relationship is strong but there has been more collaboration in 2021 than perhaps ever before. We appreciate their leadership and commitment, and their openness to ideas and suggestions. We also thank the hundreds of new Republican Elections Officers that stepped up this year to reach parity in the polls, our poll watchers who were there every day (some of whom were converted to EOs to fill gaps on Sunday/Monday!), and to all EOs that administer the election!

For election result details, this link among many links is a good one. Reminder - individual precinct results are only for Nov 2 voting; all early votes are grouped in the Central Absentee Precinct.

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