LCRC Denounces ARPLC's Tactics

March 18, 2021

In light of recent reports, the 10th District GOP, the Loudoun County Republican Committee, and the Loudoun County Republican Women's Club denounce the hostile tactics that a group calling itself Anti-racist Parents of Loudoun County (ARPLC) has threatened to use against those who do not share its views.

The Loudoun GOP groups are also calling for Loudoun County Sheriff's Office to investigate these activities and request that other relevant law enforcement be informed if any criminal activity is found.

Reports from the Daily Wire and Townhall revealed that a group of Loudoun residents has been working to intimidate and harass their fellow citizens for speaking out on controversial topics such as "Critical Race Theory" and other issues that have come before the Loudoun County School Board.

Last week, ARPLC initiated a campaign against Parents Against Critical Race Theory (PACT) and its supporters, soliciting people to "hack" their computers and to wage a mail campaign against and "expose ... publicly" those who disagree with ARPLC. ARPLC has pledged to find and release people's public and private documents, a practice called "doxxing." The group's goal is to intimidate and ultimately silence those who hold opposing views. This behavior is reprehensible and incompatible with the American ideals of free thought and freedom of expression.

More disturbing still, is the membership of this particular Facebook group, including Loudoun public officials, with School Board member Beth Barts specifically calling for action against her perceived opponents. Barts was recently censured by her fellow Board members for, among many reasons, her inappropriate online behavior.

"We are very concerned by reports of our fellow Loudoun residents attempting to silence others," said Loudoun County Republican Committee Chair Sharon Sadler. "And we hope that those elected officials who have been part of this Facebook group would condemn this type of activity regardless of association with this group, or any political party."

"Beth Barts has yet again put herself in the news cycle for her inappropriate behavior towards her fellow elected officials and members of the public," said Patti Menders, president of the Loudoun Republican Women's Club. "She has encouraged the silencing of those who dare to disagree and speak out against her on important issues that most Americans would disagree with her on regarding our schools. This type of behavior must be condemned by Barts and her fellow Democrats."

"How far have we fallen when elected public officials are involved in silencing those who might disagree with them? What has happened to the civil discussion and the triumph of ideas in the public forum," said Geary Higgins, Chair of the 10th District GOP. "It seems the new agenda of the progressive leftists in Loudoun County is to target private citizens for harassment if they find their opinions objectionable. It is wrong, and those officials who too often align themselves with these radicals need to condemn this intimidation in all its forms."

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