Happy Independence Day

July 4, 2020

Today, when many celebrations of our independence are cancelled and government prohibitions on our freedoms remain, we are reminded how much is at stake. The enemies of liberty and of the foundations of our society have unmasked themselves. We must not only recognize them for what they represent, but also renew our own independence of thought and individualism in the face of attack-style media and politics. This 4th of July, we must re-declare our independence - not from a foreign power as in 1776, but from the current domestic threats to the principles enumerated in the Declaration of Independence. The founding values of our nation are strong and can carry us through any storm. The fireworks we enjoy each year represent the cannon fire that sang a song of freedom. Let our voices unite in another song of freedom this Independence Day, our National Anthem. Sing it sometime today, even if just to yourself in a quiet moment.

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