LCRC Unanimously Endorses 11 Candidates; Elects New Chair and Doubles Membership

June 26, 2019

The Loudoun County Republican Committee turned out in high numbers, unanimously voting to endorse 11 candidates and to approve an uncontested transition to Sharon Sadler as its next chair.

Sadler has been active in local politics for many years, including organizing the annual LCRC Jamboree, campaigning for local candidates and more recently serving as the committee's first vice chair. She said her experience has helped her understand how to galvanize volunteers.

"I'm excited to continue the work of the LCRC, which I have seen prosper under excellent chairmen since I joined in 2008," said Sadler. "I also appreciate Cathy McNickle's support as the new first vice chairman. We have an incredible group of candidates in 2019 for state and local races. I feel certain that when voters hear our candidates' message, they'll know our party is best for Loudoun County."

Embracing how Marina Schumacher described the GOP as "the party of conservation," the LCRC endorsed three candidates to fill seats on the Soil and Water Conservation District, including Schumacher, an incumbent.

School safety, support for teachers and diversity of educational options were among the top issues for school board candidates, including placing school resource officers in all schools as proposed by LCRC's candidate for Board of Supervisors Chairman John Whitbeck and the possibility for allowing homeschoolers to participate in public school athletics.

Support for the GOP began to build before the primary elections. In a matter of months, the committee had more than doubled its regular membership to about 195, according to Jim Huber, the LCRC's membership chairman. Many of the new members were in place before the June 11 state and local primary elections. With associate and ex-officio members, full membership totals 234.

Huber said he believes the last time the LCRC saw membership swell to these numbers was in the early 2000s. He noted that the increase in membership is a result of active recruitment by Republican candidates and volunteers, a strong turnout for the LCRC convention in early May, and a conservative message that resonates with the voters in Loudoun County. Many of the new members are Indian, Huber said, which is a sign of growing ethnic diversity in both the GOP and the county.

The LCRC has been strengthening its base to maintain Republican majorities in the Virginia House of Delegates and state Senate. Virginia state Sen. Dick Black, a Republican who has represented District 13 in the Virginia Senate is retiring. Black, a social and fiscal conservative, was first elected to the chamber in 2011, and he had also served in the Virginia House of Delegates from 1998 to 2006, according to his website.

Black, who spoke at Monday's endorsement meeting, said he was encouraged by the LCRC's solidarity. "The blue wave is over," he said. "We have the wind behind us."

The following candidates received the LCRC's endorsement:

Damien Katsirubas -- Board of Supervisors, Sterling District

Julie Sisson -- School Board, At-Large

Joe Newcomer -- School Board, Leesburg District

John Beatty -- School Board, Catoctin District

Jeff Morse -- School Board, Dulles District

Mike Neely -- School Board, Sterling District

Melanie Turner -- School Board, Algonkian District

Ram Venkatachalam -- School Board, Blue Ridge District

Marina Schumacher -- Soil and Water Conservation Director

George Melik-Agamirian -- Soil and Water Conservation Director

Jimmy Singh -- Soil and Water Conservation Director

For more information, please contact LCRC at or 703-627-5272.

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