July 10, 2018

Several incidents over the 4th of July weekend reminded us of the unfortunate state of the Democrat party. Democrats hired 49-year old activist, Wilfred Michael Stark, to stalk and harass the Congresswoman and constituents. Stark forced himself into the parade, pushed her supporters aside, and hovered mere inches from the Congresswoman's face.

Stark is neither a constituent nor a reporter. A liberal Democrat leaning group pays "activist" Stark an estimated $70-85,000 a year. According to their records, liberals increased his pay around the time of the arrest in March for assaulting the female federal employee in a congressional building. Stark operates by disrupting events and provoking reactions in an attempt to sully Republicans' reputation Parade participants shared their negative and threatening experiences with Stark, citing that he scared their children and disrupted July 4th festivities.

Not only did Democrats send Stark to harass constituents, but they also recruited a notorious activist to gain campaign intel by posing as a new voter. Liberal activist and Wexton supporter, Guy Potucek, visited Comstock's campaign office, posed as a new voter, requested material from the Comstock campaign, and probed about Comstock's campaign operations. Potucek claimed to just have moved from Arizona, although he has lived in Loudoun for years, leads a left wing Indivisible group, and lost his 2018 race for Loudoun County Democratic Chairman earlier this year. The Wexton campaign first brought us fake cops in Party City costumes and is now sending fake new voters. While the Democrat party may resort to mudslinging and deception, we don't subscribe to such values. Don't be deceived: Democrats actively encourage disruption and deception in the name of democracy.

For more information on Wilfred Michael Stark and his mug shot go here.

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