Official Statement by LCRC Chair Jim Bonfils on Wexton’s Political Ad

June 6, 2018

Jennifer Wexton, a democratic challenger for the House of Representatives seat in Virginia's 10th district, dressed up civilians in costumes from Party City for a political ad.

This abhorrent behavior represents a callousness and disrespect toward law enforcement. Instead of supporting and cooperating with law enforcement, Wexton wants to take advantage of the image. We the Loudoun County Republican Committee value the work of law enforcement officers and we strive to empower them with our respect and support.

Wexton's field director, Matt Leslie, played one of the roles as cops signing a poster labeled "Change is Coming." The uniforms in the ad, according to former Sheriff's Deputy in Brian White, bear no resemblance to real Virginian police uniforms. Leslie said they looked like thye were bought from "Party City."

We call for Jennifer Wexton to take down this disrespectful, misleading ad. Our law enforcement deserves real support. It's unacceptable to mislead voters and use policemen as a check in the box instead of offering substantive support.

Law enforcement officers are key to preserving the peace. They have a tough job, and are often not denied the respect that their dedication and courage deserve. We strive to empower officers to be able to uphold the peace and enforce justice. We strive to implement policy and build relationships with law enforcement.

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