LCRC Applauds Republican Supervisors for Winning Major Tax Cut

April 5, 2017


Media Contact:
Nicole Tardif
LCRC Communications Chair

LCRC Applauds Republican Supervisors for Winning Major Tax Cut

Loudoun County, Virginia - The Loudoun County Republican Committee applauds the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors for approving the FY 2018 budget last night. The budget included a reduction in the Loudoun County property tax rate from its current rate of $1.145 to a new rate of $1.125, a two cent tax cut, and one cent below the equalized rate.

"This is not just a tax rate reduction," said Will Estrada, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. "This is an actual tax cut, below the equalized rate. This tax cut doesn't merely keep taxes level for the average Loudoun taxpayer, it actually cuts taxes, leaving more money in the pockets of seniors, families, and individuals. This tax cut is one of the largest in recent memory in Loudoun County, and could only have been achieved through the hard work of our six Republican Supervisors. Working together, they adhered to fiscal responsibility and fought for Loudoun taxpayers."

In addition to cutting taxes for Loudoun residents, the FY 2018 budget fully funds all of Loudoun County's critical infrastructure, departments, and transportation projects, and fully funds our public schools, giving them nearly $60 million above what the school system received last year.

The Loudoun County Republican Committee thanks Supervisors Ralph Buona (Ashburn), Matt Letourneau (Dulles), Suzanne Volpe (Algonkian), Ron Meyer (Broad Run), Geary Higgins (Catoctin), and Tony Buffington (Blue Ridge) for their leadership and excellent stewardship of Loudoun County.

Although the three Democrat members of the Board of Supervisors initially voted against this tax cut, two of them joined in with the Republican majority for the final vote, giving the FY 2018 budget a bipartisan victory of 8-1.

"Fiscal restraint is a core Republican belief, and fighting for lower property taxes along with debt reduction are key objectives for the LCRC." said Anthony DeFazio, the Loudoun County Republican Committee's Executive Director.

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