LCRC Applauds Va. Senate Republicans For Pushing Back Against AG Herring's Self-Serving Use Of Funds

February 15, 2017


Media Contact:
Nicole Tardif
LCRC Communications Chair

LCRC Applauds Va. Senate Republicans For Pushing Back Against AG Herring's Self-Serving Use Of Funds

Loudoun County, Virginia - Following news that Democrat Mark Herring employed budget gimmicks to utilize seized assets to finance exorbitant pay raises for his staff, Republicans in the Virginia Senate proposed cutting $500,000 from the Attorney General's budget as part of the Republican Party's continued commitment to efficient government.

"In a time when our Commonwealth is facing a budget shortfall amounting to more than a billion dollars, there should be zero tolerance for the kind of self-serving, cavalier choices exhibited by Mark Herring," said Will Estrada, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. "We are pleased that our Republican majority in the Virginia Senate is standing up for common sense budgetary priorities. Those impacted by the shortfall include state troopers, career state employees, local law enforcement officers, and public school teachers. The least we can do is make sure that they are first in line for pay increases instead of Mark Herring's personal staff."

In January, it was revealed that Herring used assets seized from a state-federal settlement with Abbott Laboratories to cover office space rental costs, vehicle fleet maintenance, and other expenses. Herring then redirected state funds already budgeted for those areas to finance the inappropriate wage hikes. His staff received raises by as much as $15,000, with one lawyer being awarded a 30% increase.

"The Virginia State Police is facing unprecedented personnel shortages due to insufficient funding, and other career state employees have gone years without an increase in pay," said Nicole Tardif, Communications Chair for the Loudoun County Republican Committee. "This tone-deaf, fiscally negligent conduct on Attorney General Herring's part cannot go without consequences."


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