PRESS RELEASE: Why are Democrat Supervisors Trying to Politicize the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors with LGBT Pride Resolution?

June 22, 2016


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Tom Toth III
LCRC Communications Chairman
(703) 999-8065

Loudoun County, VA - For the second time this month, Democrat members of the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors have shifted their focus to introducing highly politicized resolutions rather than focus issues facing Loudoun families such as schools and economic development. Democrat Supervisor Kristen Umstattd has informed her colleagues that she intends to introduce a resolution at tomorrow's board meeting "[t]o recognize June 2016 as LGBT Pride Month" in Loudoun County. The resolution has not been included in the Board of Supervisor's Thursday, June 23 public meeting agenda.

Kristen Umstattd, while campaigning for her first term on the county's board representing Leesburg, stated plainly that the biggest issue facing Loudoun County is "how to increase commercial investment in the County so that without overburdening our taxpayers we can fund public school needs and transportation needs." Yet half way through her first year as a county supervisor and before executing a clear plan to work for what she's spotlighted as the county's biggest issues, Umstattd has chosen to focus on national social issues and appeasing special interests in the far-left of her party.

"Loudoun residents are tired of Democrats on the Board of Supervisors using their positions to play politics rather than focusing on their responsibilities to manage the county," said Will Estrada, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. "Earlier this month they tried to introduce a resolution advanced by the anti-Second Amendment, Michael Bloomberg funded organization, Moms Demand Action. After that was rightly tabled by the Board, Leesburg Supervisor Kristen Umstattd is now trying to have the Board of Supervisors declare June as LGBT Pride Month in Loudoun County. Instead of focusing on managing our county's budget, building roads, attracting businesses to Loudoun County, updating our comprehensive plan and zoning ordinances, and making sure our schools and law enforcement have the funding they need, the Democrat members of Loudoun's Board of Supervisors are trying to unnecessarily shifts the board's focus to national political discussions that have no bearing on why they were elected as our County Supervisors."

Estrada continued, "Focusing on a far-left agenda is becoming a trend for Umstattd, first by making robocalls to lobby county residents for higher taxes after stating that her goal in office was to "keep taxes as low as possible for Loudoun residents," and now taking the time and resources of the County Board to pursue a polarizing social agenda. It's high time for Kristen Umstattd and Loudoun's Democrat Supervisors to get back to work finding solutions to problems facing Loudoun families that the Board has the influence to impact."

Kristen Umstattd made sure that this resolution was not placed on the board's agenda for the meeting tomorrow evening, making it appear that she wants to rush this through before Loudoun residents were aware of this attempt to declare June as "LGBT Pride Month."

The Loudoun County Republican Committee urges that Supervisor Umstattd's resolution be defeated, and that the Board of Supervisors stick to the issues that they were elected to handle, rather than playing national politics with their elected positions of local trust.

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