PRESS RELEASE: LuAnn Bennett Accused of Cheating on Taxes, Lying About Virginia Residence

May 27, 2016


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LuAnn Bennett Accused of Cheating on Taxes, Lying About Virginia Residence

Loudoun County, VA - Questions regarding the legitimacy of LuAnn Bennett's residence in the 10th Congressional District continue to pile up leading up to November's race as the Democrat nominee.

The Washington Post broke the news this morning that Bennett, a longtime Washington D.C. homeowner, is facing accusations of tax improprieties in the District of Columbia by a political watchdog organization.

In February 2014, Bennett purchased a condominium at the Ritz-Carlton in Washington, D.C. for $1.35 million, located just 0.7 miles from her office in the District and posted on Facebook in April that she moved there, before deleting the update. However, counter to allegations by the Foundation for Government Accountability and Civic Trust, LuAnn Bennett contends that she is not required to pay Washington D.C. taxes because she chooses to live in Delaplane, VA, over 52 miles away from her office, for at least 183 days out of the year rather than living in her million-dollar condo less than a mile away.

Bennett's campaign for House representative from the 10th District raised eyebrows from the very beginning, and her apparent tax troubles only create more questions about the legitimacy of her commitment to Loudoun families: Has Bennet ever paid DC residency taxes? How much of her time was actually spent living across the Potomac rather than in the 10th Congressional District? Loudoun voters deserve answers to these basic questions.

"Loudoun won't be played for fools when it comes to electing a Congressional representative that understands firsthand the needs and struggles of voters in the 10th Congressional District." said Will Estrada, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. "This Hillary-style campaign of deception amid allegations of wrongdoing underscores Loudouners' belief that Congresswoman Barbara Comstock is clearly best person to represent Loudoun County and the 10th District in the House of Representatives."

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