PRESS RELEASE: Hillary Clinton visits Loudoun - Promotes Policies that Hurt Local Families and Businesses

May 10, 2016
Media Contact:
Tom Toth
LCRC Communications Chairman
(703) 999-8065
Hillary Clinton visits Loudoun - Promotes Policies that Hurt Local Families and Businesses
South Riding, VA - Today, the presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop at Mug n' Muffin in Stone Ridge Village Center in Loudoun County. During her visit, she spoke on themes centered around helping small businesses and families. However, the facts remain that the last eight years of Clinton/ Obama policies from the White House have proven disastrous for small businesses & working families.
ObamaCare, a quagmire from initial implementation to present day, resulted in millions of working American families being forced to pay thousands more per year in healthcare costs. Historically high regulatory and tax burdens have stagnated the economic recovery. Clinton has long been an advocate of virtually every policy decision from the Obama White House, and should answer for the consequences those policies have had on the American people.
"I think Secretary Clinton's record with President Obama speaks for itself," said Will Estrada, Chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. "She has repeatedly fought alongside President Obama for higher taxes, more regulation, and more government control over the lives of American families. While we may not have $1,500 a plate to attend one of her fundraisers with the Hollywood elite, working families across Loudoun know that electing Hillary Clinton would be granting President Obama a third term. It's exactly the opposite of what Virginia families and businesses need"
The Loudoun County Republican Committee is committed to promoting the values of the Republican Party and helping its candidates achieve victory in the battleground of Northern Virginia. For more information, please visit
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