Loudoun County Supervisor Kristen Umstattd Goes Back on Campaign Promise to Keep Taxes as Low as Possible

March 15, 2016


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Loudoun County, VA - Barely three months into her term representing Leesburg residents on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, supervisor Kristen Umstattd is already making calls on behalf of her party's far-left base to raise taxes on Loudoun County residents.

Speaking via a "robocall" operation paid for by the Loudoun County Democratic Committee, Umstattd asked residents to show up and support the board's proposed plan to raise the county's tax rate: "As a mom, I've seen what years of funding cuts and overcrowding have done to our schools and teacher pay," she said in the robocall, insinuating that the tax increase proposal is necessary to "fully fund" the county school board's initial budget request - something the all-Republican board was able to achieve just last year without a tax increase.

"It's unprecedented for a sitting supervisor to record a robocall to Loudoun residents asking them to urge other supervisors for a tax increase," said Sharon Sadler, First Vice Chairwoman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee. "Instead of working in a collaborative manner with her fellow board members, school board members, and county staff, Supervisor Umstattd is instead turning into a mouthpiece for the far-left base of the local Democrat party."

This sudden tax flip-flop is peculiar for Umstattd, who campaigned last November as a "fiscal conservative," telling the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce in a pre-election questionnaire that if elected to be supervisor, "[m]y goal is to try to keep taxes as low as possible for our residents." Further, when asked by Patch.com in a pre-election interview what the number one concern of county residents was during her campaign, she stated "[t]he issue that comes up most often is taxes," adding later in the interview, "I believe in working hard for Leesburg and in fighting for Leesburg's families, for their right to lower taxes."

By her own admission, Kristen Umstattd clearly recognizes the harmful effects burdensome tax rates have on Loudoun County residents. However, Leesburg's new supervisor has unfortunately succumbed to her party's tax-and-spend agenda and reneged on her repeated promises of low taxes for Loudoun County families, retirees, working individuals, and small businesses.

"The last thing Loudoun County residents need is another tax increase championed by a politician willing to say one thing on the campaign trail and do something else entirely once trusted with elected office," Sadler continued. "Loudoun Republicans unambiguously oppose this proposed tax increase because we believe that Loudoun's families, retirees, working individuals, and small businesses know better how to spend their hard-earned dollars than does the government. We know that we can fund the needs of our hardworking public school teachers without raising taxes because Loudoun Republicans have accomplished just that. Perhaps Supervisor Umstattd should focus on looking for savings and working with her fellow elected officials, not recording robocalls soliciting higher taxes."

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