Loudoun GOP Calls on Koran Saines to Suspend Campaign

September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015

Some disturbing information has come to the attention of the Loudoun County Republican Committee and we feel obligated to inform the citizens of Loudoun County's Sterling District of these serious issues.

The Loudoun County Republican Committee recently dealt with a serious set of moral and legal failures of one of our own candidates for public office. We take these matters very seriously and it has now come to our attention that there is a similar situation with the Democrat candidate for the Board of Supervisors office for the Sterling District.

Apparently Mr. Koran Saines has had several occurrences of illegal behavior during the past few years. These numerous instances clearly demonstrate a pattern of poor decision making and illegal activities that call into question Mr. Saines's qualifications and ability to represent the citizens of the Sterling District.

These illegal activities include:
  1. August of 2001 - Reckless Driving
  2. November of 2003 - DWI
  3. February of 2005 - Alcohol Safety Action Program Non-Compliance
  4. November of 2005 - Speeding
  5. April of 2007 - DWI
  6. July of 2007 - Speeding
These are serious infractions of the law and have endangered the citizens within our community. Therefore, the Loudoun County Republican Committee calls on Mr. Saines to do what is best for the citizens of the Sterling District and suspend his campaign for the Sterling District Board of Supervisors office.
Michael Haynes, Chairman
Loudoun County Republican Committee

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