PRESS RELEASE: GOP Chairman Condemns York, Urges Support for King

June 3, 2015

Loudoun GOP Chairman Condemns Scott York for Running as an Independent; Urges Support for Republican Candidate Charlie King

Today Loudoun County Republican Committee Chairman Mike Haynes condemned Scott York for announcing that he will run as an independent for the Board of Supervisors Chairman's race. Haynes urged all Republicans to support the Republican nominee Charlie King.

"Scott York's flip flop is very disappointing. Four years ago Scott approached the Loudoun County Republican Committee, asking to return to the party after previously running as an independent. We welcomed him back and helped him in his successful run for chairman. He announced months ago that he would not run again, that he had decided to retire, and we took him at his word. Being a Republican has to mean something. You can't just jump in and out of the Party to further your political career. Loudoun County voters want elected officials who keep their word and run for office because they stand for something, not just to further their own career."

"The dishonesty shown by Scott York in how this was handled is troubling. He told everyone--including our local Chamber of Commerce, Virginia House of Delegates, and local newspapers--that he was retiring and was not seeking office. Based on this false premise, Scott York recently was given two awards: one jointly awarded by the Chamber and the Loudoun Times-Mirror, and one by the Virginia House of Delegates. Neither, in my opinion, would have been awarded had he said he was running for office. So, he misled everyone, not just his own party."

"We need a Chairman who is a man of his word. Loudoun citizens deserve someone who will give straight answers and stand for what is right, even when that may not further his own interests. I urge all Republicans in Loudoun County to support our nominee, Charlie King, for Chairman. We will work hard to elect Charlie and our whole Republican ticket--and to defeat any candidate who runs against them."

Michael Haynes
Chairman, Loudoun County Republican Committee

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