Press Release: Loudoun GOP Chairman Calls on Simpson to Support Republican Incumbent Mike Chapman

May 26, 2015


Loudoun GOP Chairman Calls on Simpson to

Support the Republican Incumbent Mike Chapman

Today Loudoun County Republican Committee Chairman Mike Haynes called on Steve Simpson to support incumbent Sheriff and Republican nominee Mike Chapman.

"For the past few months Steve Simpson has been frequenting Loudoun Republican meetings, attending fundraisers and events and apparently trying to be part of the Republican Party again," said Haynes. "For him to now be considering a run as an independent is very unfortunate and unacceptable."

"Four years ago the voters of Loudoun County made a change in the Sheriff's office and effectively removed Steve Simpson as Sheriff," said Haynes. "At lease part of the reason for his removal was that a few years earlier he had lost the Republican primary and then ran as an independent. Being a Republican has to mean something and you can't jump in and out of the Party to further your political career. Loudoun County voters want elected officials to stand for something and not just be in politics for selfish reasons."

"Steve Simpson is more than welcome in the Party if he is going to support our nominees like he promised to do in writing only a few short weeks ago by signing the Delegate filing form. But if he is going to run for office as an independent we will make every effort to defeat him in November just as we will the Democrat in the race."

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