2015 Candidates and Nominees

February 22, 2015

The following candidates are filed:

Eric Noble
Michael L. "Mike" Chapman

Ashburn District
Ralph M. Buona
Joe Scalione

Candidates listed below are unopposed and, therefore, in accordance
with the Official Call for a Convention, are deemed the nominees of
the Republican Party for the offices listed.*

Constitutional Offices

Commissioner of the Revenue
Robert S. Wertz, Jr.

Commonwealth's Attorney
James E. Plowman

Roger Zurn

Clerk of the Circuit Court
Gary M. Clemens

Board of Supervisors

Chairman, Board of Supervisors
Charlie King

Algonkian District
Suzanne Volpe

Blue Ridge District
Tony Buffington

Broad Run District
Ronald A. Meyer, Jr.

Catoctin District
Geary M. Higgins

Dulles District
Matt Letourneau

Sterling District
Eugene Delgaudio

*Names listed in order they will appear on the ballot as determined by lot on Sunday, Feb 25.

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