Resolution to Oppose Project Labor <br>Agreement or Union-Driven Rules for Dulles Rail

Resolution to Oppose Project Labor
Agreement or Union-Driven Rules for Dulles Rail

November 28, 2011

WHEREAS, Loudoun County has entered into an agreement with the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority ("MWAA") to construct Rail to Dulles International Airport and 3 miles into Loudoun County; and

WHEREAS, the agreement with MWAA has not been finalized; and

WHEREAS, MWAA intends to mandate a Project Labor Agreement ("PLA") or union driven rules as part of the construction of Phase II of Dulles Rail; and

WHEREAS, such mandate would require the use of union workers and a wage which will effectively preclude most Virginia contractors and businesses from participation in Phase II construction, with most of Virginia contractors ineligible to compete; and

WHEREAS, such provisions mandating union workers undermine the Commonwealth of Virginia's Right to Work Laws, and

WHEREAS, such mandate would require 1.5 wages for hours beyond a 40 hour work week, rigid job classifications, work rules and wage rates (which are union driven) which will significantly increase the construction costs of Dulles Rail Phase II; and

WHEREAS, most Virginia contractors operate under an "open shop" arrangement without union driven mandates; and

WHEREAS, MWAA has very restrictive practices for open meetings, and freedom of Information access by the public which are inconsistent with Virginia law, and

WHEREAS no audit oversight of MWAA's METRO extension construction project to Tyson's Corner, Dulles Airport and beyond was included for any agency of the Commonwealth when Governor Tim Kaine unilaterally relinquished control of the Dulles Toll Road to MWAA without General Assembly approval,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Loudoun County Republican Committee call upon the Loudoun Board of Supervisors and the members of Loudoun's General Assembly delegation to oppose mandatory PLA provisions or union-driven rules in the final agreement with MWAA for the construction of Phase II of Dulles Rail, the lack of transparency and audit oversight by the Commonwealth; and that if Phase II construction proceeds that it not proceed under present conditions without these concerns being addressed by legislation, and not mere state or federal executive assurances, and be it further

RESOLVED, that the chairman of the Loudoun County Republican Committee shall cause copies of this resolution to be disseminated to the members of the Board of Supervisors and to the media.

Adopted this 28th day of November 2011

Mark Sell
Loudoun County Republican Committee