Adopted Resolutions

  • Comstock Statement On Federal Employee Pay Raise

    Washington, D.C. - Congresswoman Barbara Comstock (R-VA) released the following statement on the proposed federal employee pay raise, for which she fought:

  • Censure of Senator Jill Vogel

    Resolved, the Loudoun County Republican Committee has lost all faith in the abilities of Senator Vogel

  • Resolution to Oppose Project Labor
    Agreement or Union-Driven Rules for Dulles Rail

  • Resolution Opposing the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Ordinance

  • Resolution Congratulating Governor Bob McDonnell and Loudoun Republican Delegates and State Senator on the Recently Announced Budget Surplus

  • Resolution Commending Congressman Frank Wolf for His Efforts in the Fight Against Terrorism & Its Contributing Factors

  • A Call for Principled Republican Unity

  • Resolution in Support of the Right of Free Association

  • Resolution in Support of Legal Immigration
    and Enforcement of Current Immigration Law

  • Resolution Commending Senator George Allen

  • Resolution Commending Congressman Frank Wolf

  • Resolution in Support of Immigration Reform

  • A Resolution in Support of the Marriage Amendment

  • Resolution Supporting the House Plan for Transportation and Opposition to Tax Increases