"Remember November" by 10th District Chairman Howie Lind

November 24, 2010

"Remember November" has turned into

A November to Remember!

As the great Ronald Reagan said "there is no substitute for Victory" and November 2nd was no exception! In the 10th District of Virginia we are enjoying the historic national victory and celebrating our delivery of a landslide victory for our Congressman Frank Wolf. However, as we were reminded at last weekend's Advance, we have to remember that the voters didn't so much embrace the Republican Party, as they did totally reject President Obama's leftist agenda. So, while there is no substitute for Victory and Republicans have partly by default been given a second chance, we must remember that this second chance comes with a two-pronged mandate: 1) For the 112th Congress: do what we sent you there to do; and 2) For the Voters: hold them accountable. If Congress and We the People all do our part, we can put America back on the right track to prosperity.

Now, while the rest of the country has the luxury of time to play what-ifs and pontificate on who might be running for President in 2012, Virginia Republicans have no such luxury. We have another opportunity in 2011 to move the Commonwealth another step forward on our road back to prosperity. This is our time to send a Republican majority to the Virginia Senate, and extend our Republican majority in the Virginia House of Delegates. The RPV has informed us that winning back the majority in the State Senate will be up to us here in Northern Virginia. A new senate district will likely be added in eastern Loudoun County based on the census results. We must win that seat and the other Democrat-filled seats in Fairfax and Prince William Counties. We also have many local offices that are literally begging for fiscal conservatives to "stop the bleeding" caused by the fiscal havoc that the liberal Democrats have been inflicting on our 10th District local governments.

The 2011 campaign kickoff events have already started, and many more are coming. Many great candidates have stepped up to run, and depending on redistricting, we may even have several primary challenges as well. If you are interested in running for office, please refer to our website, www.vagop10.org, and click on "10th District Elective Offices", and find your county or city of residence. This lists all public offices by county/city, title of office, name of person currently holding the office, party affiliation, and the re-election year. Study the positions of these candidates, choose the ones whose platforms you support and then pitch in to help your candidates WIN! Bring your friends and family to help. The candidates and their campaigns need you, the Commonwealth needs you and the Country needs you. The dollar you donate, the call you make, or the door you knock on may just make the difference between winning and losing. Never forget, one person - YOU -- can make the difference. Thanks for all you do!

Have a great Thanksgiving!



Howie Lind, 10th District Chairman

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