LCRC elects new officers

April 26, 2010

The Loudoun County Republican Committee met on April 26th to begin its efforts to reelect Frank Wolf in 2010 and prepare for the State and Local elections in 2011.

The Chairman's slate was elected by acclaim:

  • 1st Vice Chair - Robert Bruton
  • 2nd Vice Chair - Mike Haynes
  • Secretary - Ginger Gash
  • Treasurer - Clay Chase
  • Parliamentarian - Barbara Krajewska

These Republicans were chosen be Mark Sell to lead as as committee chairs:

  • Finance Chairman - Candace Strother
  • Special events - Fred Avila
  • Communications - Robert Jesionowski
  • Membership - Jim Huber
  • Candidate Search and Support - John Saia
  • Precinct Operations - Tim Sparbanie

The districts caucused and the following were elected to the position of District Chairmen for our party in Loudoun:

  • Blue Ridge - David LaRock
  • Broad Run - Jack Ryan
  • Catoctin - Liz Mills
  • Dulles - Matt Letourneau
  • Leesburg - Peter Fagan
  • Potomac - Greg Stone
  • Sterling - Margi Wallo
  • Sugarland Run - Kathy Blackburn

Let us move forward in a spirit of unity and congratulate our newly elected and appointed members of the executive committee. In order to achieve our goals in 2010 and 2011, the party will need to prepare for a host of challenges including the midterm election this year, redistricting, state delegate and senate races, the BOS, and our local constitutional officers.

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